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After the ashes of ‘emo’ were well and truly scattered across the music industry in 2008, one felt that a phoenix had to rise. Well, don’t hold your breath, but upon hearing this, I think Britain has found a successor. This may just be the new soundtrack for the underdogs and geeks, that is set to fill dance floors everywhere with the down trodden and the lost.

It seems that William Thorne has managed to tap into the most fragile aspects of the teenage ideal, and mic them up for all to hear. With an eclectic mix of sounds that range from the epic to, at times, the echoes of pure desperation; this record creates an air of anticipation from track to track.

Whilst at first it may seem that William Thorne are picking up where ‘The Postal Service’ left off. It becomes apparent that this piece of work has an encyclopaedic array influences for the listener to pick out; lacing his 12 tracks with violent lashes of pop-punk, 8-bit, nu-gaze and electro to name but a few soundscapes. The result sounds like digital sunshine with a post-hardcore sentiment. This piece of DIY ‘electro-neering’ is a stellar debut effort that deserves a place in any music listeners’ collection.

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A young mans love affair with music; to escape to another reality.

He started out as all young musicians; trying to ‘make it’ with bands. After having his heart broken by one, he rose from the ashes (subsequently incorporating a hybrid of electronic/live elements within his music).

He has worked as: a live sound engineer, a recording engineer, an engineers assistant, a sound designer, a session musician, a producer, a remixer, a songwriter & a mastering engineer. This has led to gaining invaluable experience in further fields, and inevitably boost his love of writing & recording.

After attaining a Diploma (triple distinction) from Amersham & Wycombe College in live music, he moved onto study recording at the Academy of Contemporary Music, where he achieved six distinctions for his Higher Diploma course.

Now studying the final part of the accelerated degree (3 years in 2), he has his heart set on creating music & collaborating with like minded people.


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